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For girls who will be entering grades 4th-10th this Fall, the Eastern Lehigh Valley Softball League, which BTAA is a member, runs a Fall Ball League. Participants must have been registered on an ELV team during the Spring 2015 season. 

Without a doubt Fall Ball is one of the key ingredients to our success as an organization over the past couple of years. We would love to see another big Fall Ball turnout from Bethlehem Township players.

For those who are unfamiliar with the program, below is the key information:

- Sign-ups are due by July 19th

- The program is run at the league level (Eastern Lehigh Valley), not the organization level (Bethlehem Twp.)

- Teams are made up of girls from different organizations.

- Evaluations are the week of July 27th.

- Games run from August 23rd through October 11th 

- It is a chance to get a full season of game experience. For those moving up a level in the spring, a chance to play a full season with the new rules.

- For all girls it is a chance to improve their skills and get to know kids from other organizations as the teams are mixed across organizations.

- Most games are double headers on Sunday afternoons.

Additional thoughts on Fall Ball:

1) The league has successfully worked to improve the program over the past few years. As with all things there is always the opportunity to improve, but I think it is a heck of a program.

2) Improvement comes through repetition. This is a great way get those important reps. Many of the girls I see at Fall Ball are those making All-Star teams.

3) For girls moving up next spring, they will have nearly a full season of game experience with the new rules. 

4) For those who are contemplating moving up a level early (ex: a 5th grader thinking about moving up to 6th/7th), the chance to play up for 12 games and see if they are ready.

5) The Fall Ball teams are made up of girls from different organizations. This is great. I coached Fall ball fo seasons and I cannot tell you the number of relationships and friendships both me and my daughter have created with people outside of Bethlehem Township.


Softball Coordinator - Mike Palovich

Playing Levels for 2015:
Kindergarten/1st Grade (girls who are not in Kindergarten, but turn 5 before April can be considered)
2nd/3rd Grade (two divisions: Instructional (new player focused) and Competitive (1 or more years of experience)
4th/5th Grade
6th/7th Grade
8th/9th Grade
10th Grade + (must not turn 20 before 7/1/2015)

Questions about the new levels:
Rules Side-by-Side: BTAAELVAgeLevelReworkSummarySidebySide.pdf

$85.00 for 1st child. Second child: $60.00. Third child: $40.00. $185 maximum per family. Uniform deposits to be collected at a later time.

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