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Registration for 2024 Spring Girls Softball is  CLOSED!!

    1 child - $95.00

                  2 children - $165.00

                 3 children - $215.00

If you would like to register for softball or have any questions please email 


Age groupings for 2024:
T-Ball - Pre K / Kindergarten 
Coach Pitch - 1st Grade / 2nd Grade
Minors - 3rd Grade / 4th Grade
Majors - 5th Grade / 6th Grade
Juniors -  7th Grade / 8th Grade / 9th Grade
Seniors - 10th Grade up to 21 yrs of age before July 1st

Level Information

T-Ball - Small Softee ball.  bases set at 50'

Coach Pitch  - 11" optic yellow Softee ball, pitch 35', bases set at 55'  

Minors -  11" optic yellow ball, pitch 35', bases set at 55'

Majors -  12" optic yellow ball, pitch 40', bases set at 60'

Juniors - 12" optic yellow ball, pitch 43', bases set at 60'

Seniors - 12" optic yellow ball, pitch 43', bases set at 60'.  


Below are the 2 links you will need for clearances to coach or be a parent helper on the field.  Please make a copy and turn into your coach.  

Criminal background check

Pa child abuse (Can only be done every 57 months.  If you have done it in the past you can log in and print out a copy for your new coach or hopefully last year you saved a copy)

Season Timeline

- Registration will close for all levels except Juniors and Seniors at the end of February.

- If evaluations are needed to form teams, they will be in the beginning of March

- Around the end of March, there will be parent meetings and field work

- Practices will start around the first week of April, when the township releases the fields

- Games will start around the last week of April or the first week of May

- The season will end around the last weekend in June or the beginning of July.

Softball Info

For those that are new to playing softball, below are a few tips:

What you will need to purchase:
   - Black softball pants
   - Softball glove (you should keep a ball in the glove at all times to help with the formation of the pocket)
   - Softball cleats (not metal or soccer)
   - Face mask (mandatory for pitchers, but we recommend for any player in any position.  A face mask is a lot cheaper than dental work)

What is supplied:
   - Jersey (we ask for a deposit that will be returned when you hand back in at end of the season)
   - Helmet - BTAA supplies each team with a helmet.  If your daughter really likes the sport you may want to purchase your own for a better fit
   - Socks - BTAA gives each player a pair of yellow socks for games.  It is your option to buy more for practice.
   - Bats - BTAA supplies each team with bats.  

**  PreK/K players will be given a sun visor and t-shirt for games that they will keep at the end of the season.  

** 1st/2nd Grade players will get a sun visor to keep

Bethlehem Township Community Center Fields

2900 Farmersville Rd, Bethlehem, PA 18020

Meyer Lane Fields

3137 Meyer Ln, Bethlehem, PA 18020

Miller Heights Elementary Fields

3601 Klein St